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In this article, you'll learn how to add and interact with assets in the viewer.


Resources are an important part of many projects, 3D models, draggable point clouds and 360° images are defined as resources, we will see how to import them into your project and how to use them in the most efficient way possible.


Now let's go to the object/scene editing menu , for that click on the file icon.

The submenu has now appeared, the most important tool is actually the first one, so let's talk about that.

This tool lets you import a model into the viewer and/or create a zone. We'll focus on patterns first, then domains, one thing at a time.

To open the import menu, click the plus icon.

You can also apply an automatic project backup by checking the “Automatic backup” option which performs project backups every 10 minutes.

3d model:

The import menu is now open, let's import your 3d model, first double click where you want your object to appear, then select the model you want to import from the list, the list consists of all 3d models that you have imported into this project. Give your object a name and click add 3D model .

The object has been added, if you do not see it after a few seconds, go to the Properties menu and double-click on your object, to do this, click on your object in the Objects category that you will find in the Project menu . Double click on your object, the viewer will move to its position, if you still can't see it, try changing its scale as it might be too big or too small for you to see with your current field of view . Don't forget to double-click your object again to update your location.


The alignment menu allows you to quickly teleport a model wherever you want in your point cloud.



In the import menu under the import of the 3D model, you will find the creation of the zone. First double-click where you want your object to appear, then select the area color and click Add Area .

The area has been added, if you don't see it after a few seconds, try changing its scale as it may be too big or too small. To change the scale it will be necessary to access the Properties menu , for this, click on your zone in the Zones category that you will find in the Project menu.

Let's move on to the next feature, here is the save button, this allows you to save a new version, click the save icon and give your version a name, you can always roll back to an old version using the project menu or by entering the viewer from the project page.


Note that the other 2 options in this menu are help buttons, clicking on them will display a help message, reminding you of the shortcuts to use.


You can find the list of shortcuts that can be used in the viewer in the dedicated article.



In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.

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