Automatically align a 3D model with a point cloud

On this article you will discover how to automatically align a 3D model with a point cloud.


In order to be able to use automatic alignment you must have a 3D model already present on the viewer.

Click from the menu on the right on the name of your 3D model. (double click to stand in front of the model if necessary).

Scroll down until you find the “ALIGN” button and click on it.

A new window will open

To achieve the automatic alignment correctly, you must place 6 points, always in pairs, respecting the colors displayed on the board.

We will first start with the left table “Points to align” (3D model), you can click on the eye in order to hide or show the 3D model.

Click on the A0 line and place the point on the 3D model. Once the point is placed, you will see its coordinates in the table and you can move it at any time from the viewer if necessary.

Then continue to place the other two points on the 3D model and end up placing the other 3 points on the point cloud

Attention the point A0 of the 3D model will be linked with the point R0 of the point cloud (always in pair). You must respect the order in which you placed the points.

Once the 6 points have been placed, you can check "Adjust the scale” so that the 3D model adapts to the point cloud or you can empty the placed points by clicking on the “empty” button.

If the placed points look correct you can click on “Align” and the 3D model will automatically align itself with the point cloud.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.

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Creator : Alexis Helper
Creation date : 08/09/2022

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