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Viewer's Cube, Map and Performance indicator

The cube :

To show/hide the cube, open the option menu and click the cube icon.

The cube rotates when you move in the viewer, you can also directly click on the different faces of the cube to rotate your camera.


The map :

To show/hide the map, open the option menu and click the map icon.

The map allows you to locate yourself within the project, you can see a blue point in the middle representing your position and 5 yellow lines representing your field of vision. You also have a top view of your point cloud. The point cloud is vertically cut at the height of your camera, this allows you to see exactly where you are if you are in a building for example. You can change the size of the map by dragging its edges and you can zoom in / out using your scroll wheel while having your mouse over the map. You can also use the button at the top right of the map to display it in full screen. If your project uses the projection you will be able to display a world map in the map.


The performance indicator:

By default, the performance indicator is enabled and displays your FPS rate (frame per second), a good FPS rate allows you to navigate smoothly in the viewer, a low value is often a sign of a device in difficulty. In this case you may have to reduce the number of points and their quality in order to regain performance. For more information on viewer settings, see the article on appearance settings.


If you click on the performance indicator, you will be able to see other values such as your ping (response time between your computer and the server), your memory usage and your internet speed (experimental, the data may not be very precise).


You can save the state of these options by going to the settings menu and saving the viewer's settings. This means that every time you come into this project, you can decide which options you want to display by default, these options are saved for each project and are personal to each account, 2 different users can save 2 different settings for the same project regarding their needs.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.