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Version system

First, let's see how to create a version. 

You have 4 ways to create a new version, the first button is situated at the top of the scene menu on the right.


The second one is at the bottom of the object / scene menu.


Click either of these 2 buttons to open a pop-up that will ask you for the version name, fill it and save it, after 2 seconds the version will have been created.


The 3rd way to create versions is to enable the auto-save, it creates an AUTO version and updates it every 5 minutes.


Finally, a version will be created every time you make a server side-comparison.


All right, let's talk about the 2 ways to load a version. The first is a select situated at the top of the scene menu, select the version you wish to see and then click the load button. This allows you to quickly switch from version to version.


Secondly, you can directly load the version you want when opening the project. To do so, from the projects page, click the disk icon, select the version you wish to load and click Open this version. This is also the place where you can delete versions



In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.