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Height Profile

The height profile, that we will be calling just profile in this article, allows you to create a 2D cut of the viewer. To use the tool, open the clipping menu and click on the profile option.


Now click on your point cloud to add dots, these dots define the profile's position. Then open the scene menu and click on your profile.


At the bottom of the menu you will find some options. You will be able to add new dots anywhere on the profile, allowing you to create a more accurate cut. You can also change the width of the profile cut. Finally, click Show the 2D profile to see the result.


In this window you will find the 2D render of your profile, you can also check your position when you move your mouse around at the top left of the window. At the top right you will find 2 buttons, allowing you to export all the points in a CSV or the 3D profile in LAS


If you have any problem or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.