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Clipping Box

To put down a clipping box, click the **scissors **icon. This will open the clipping menu, add a new box to start cropping.


To play with the box you have a dot at the end of each axis, grab and drag these dots to change the box's size, you can also see 3 quarters of circles, grab and drag these to rotate the box. Getting good at manipulating this tool will definitely take some time so don't be afraid to try things with it to get used to it.

Once your clipping zone has been set, use the different options to get the result you want.

First you have the none option, with this one you will be seeing the point cloud with its default display.


Then you will find the highlight option, this allows you to make every point within the clipping box to glow.


The next option is the inside option, this will hide every point that is not contained within the clipping box.


Finally you can do the opposite thing of what we just did with the inside option, this is the outside option, it hides every point contained within the clipping box.


You can find more information about the box in the scene menu. Click on the clipping box to select it.

Scroll down the menu, you fill find all sort of information :

  • The box position (center), it's rotation and dimensions
  • You can export what is inside the box, follow this article to learn, more about this feature
  • You can also create an orthoimage out of the box, follow this article to learn, more about this feature
  • You can reset the box's orientation, it will not change its position or dimension
  • What rule is the current box following ? Default means it follows the setting set in the clipping menu that we saw earlier. You can also decide to use another mode only for this box
  • What elements should the box be related to, by default all elements are subject to it but you can decide to apply it only to the elements you want. (Source or Resource)


Using this feature, you can do things like this :

While keeping the global cropping box in “default” mode, which in our case is “inside”. You can open the wall with a box using the "outside" mode. You can also decide to only crop the point cloud so that if you display the model it would not be cropped.


Let's add another box with the “highlight” mode, allowing you to do 2 things, highlight part of the point cloud so it can be found more easily. You can also export it to be able to re-import it and move the element inside the project. To verify that the hole made in the wall is big enough to let the element through, for example.


Finally, to delete all clipping boxes, click the trash icon in the clipping menu.


When it comes to cutting part of the point cloud and models, you will also find the Height profile and the Cutting plane.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.