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Collaborative mode

The collaborative mode allows you to be with other members into the same viewer and see each other's modifications/movements in real time. To ensure that everything goes as planned we advise you to choose a group leader, this person will be the one saving the versions of the project. Also note that this feature only works for connected members, sharing a project in public won't allow disconnected users to access the collaborative mode. We currently recommend using from 2 to 10 users on the same channel, for more information contact the platform's support team.


Collaborative mode is really easy to use, simply go to your projects page and find the project you want to use, then, select a random number and enter it into the channel area. Give that number to your collaborators, they will enter the same one in their areas on the same project, then press go to viewer. You can be joined in the viewer latter on by other members, you do not have to enter all at the same time.


Once in the viewer, you will see at the top that the project's name also displays the channel's number. You will be able to see other members as their positions will be shown as colored helmets. This way you will be able to see where each one of you is and follow each other.


If one of you is doing anything in the viewer, all the other present members will be able to see that modification happen live (it could have a small delay depending on your network).

Always remember to save the project before leaving the viewer, as said previously, only 1 person has to save the project, it will create a version accessible by anyone who has access to the project. For more information about versions, check out the related article.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.