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Load resources in the viewer

Resources are an important part of many projects, these can either be 3D models such as IFC or Objects, point clouds that you want to be able to drag around or even DWG or Shapes. You will also be able to create paved shaped elements. We will see how to load them into your project and how to use them in the most efficient way possible.


Whether you want to load a resource or create a volume, you will have to start by opening the object / scene menu. Then click the first option to open the loading menu.


Resources :

When it comes to resources, we will be focusing on the left part of the window.

First, select the resource you wish to load, if it is georeferenced, you can check the original position option, this will spawn the object at its real coordinates with the correct rotation, if this option is not checked, the element will spawn in front of you. Finally, you can select a name for your resource, don't worry it can always be changed afterward.

To load the resource, click add 3D model and wait for it to appear, it may take a few seconds depending on the file size and your broadband.


Once the resource has been loaded, you will find it in the scene menu on the right. Either in the 3D model, point cloud → Resources or Shapes categories, depending on the type of resource. Click it and scroll down the scene menu to find options related to the resource.



Primary volumes :

For this part, we will focus on the right part of the window. First, select the color that you wish to apply to the volume. You can either use the palette, a hexadecimal code or select one of the default colors under. Then click add volume to create it in front of you.


Just as the resources, you will be able to find your volume in the scene menu on the right, under the Areas category. Click it and scroll down the scene menu to find options related to the volume.


You can follow this article to discover how to interact with resources and volumes.


Do not forget to save a new version when you are done importing and placing your resources and volumes so that you don't have to do this procedure every time you open your project.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.