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Interact with 360° images

360 images are images taken by the scanner when the survey was made. All scanners do not include 360 images. If you want to see spherical images in the viewer, please make sure the file you are using actually contains these images. Learn how to import 360 images afterwards following this article.


When it comes to 360 images options, the main one is situated in the top menu, you will find a 360 image menu and within that menu, the first option is made to actually display/hide the bubbles.

Displayed :


Hidden :


But there is more to that first option, let's add a clipping box. With a clipping box if the 360 images display mode is full, you will be able to see bubbles (1st image), even outside of the clipping box. However if you put the display in half mode, only the bubbles within the clipping box will be displayed (2nd image).


The second option in the 360 images menu is the wall option, by default you can only see bubbles that are not hidden behind a wall (1st image), however if you activate this option you will be able to see all bubbles on the project (2nd image).


To enter a spherical image, double-click on the bubble you wish to enter. The image might load in a low resolution at first but it will increase the quality overtime up to the original image quality. It only depends on your broadband.


When in a 360 image, you can open the settings menu and modify some options, for instance the fields of view. You can also modify the field of view by using your scroll wheel.



You can also change the image opacity by holding CTRL and using your scroll wheel.


Whether you are in a 360 image or not, you can change the size of the bubbles.


Only when in an image now, you can set the distance at which images are still displayed, useful if you are in a long corridor with a lot of bubbles aligned.


To interact with 360 images on mobile, follow the procedure in this article.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.