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Add 360° images

The platform is compatible with 360° images. If you have a RECAP project and you have 360° images, you just have to compress the RECAP project and send it; 360° images will be retained.

In some cases, if you have an E57 file, depending on the tool used to export the E57 file, 360° images may be included inside. In this case, the platform keeps the 360° images (for example, Cyclone Register 360 keeps the images if the E57 file is structured, and Navvis and Geoslam also keep the images in the E57 file).

Otherwise, you have the option of adding 360° images via a ZIP file. There are six types of 360° images available on the platform for mobile scanners:

  • Viametris
  • Leica BLK2GO
  • Geoslam
  • Navvis
  • Leica Pegasus
  • Trimble MX9
  • Riegl

And for fixed scanners:

  • X7
  • Faro
  • Leica RTC
  • and others

In the "Files" tab of the project settings, you can check if the point cloud contains the 360° images. If your point cloud does not contain the 360° images, you must upload a ZIP file containing the images as a resource, depending on your case:

  • For Viametris, use the XYZ file
  • For Leica BLK2GO, use the XML file
  • For Navvis, use the CSV file
  • For Leica Pegasus, use the file "External Orientation.csv"
  • For Trimble MX9, use the CSV file
  • For Riegl mobile solutions, use the CSV and the KML files
  • For RealWorks/Scene/Cyclone, use a TXT file named source.txt, containing the source software for the images (eg as shown in the image: "source=scene", if the images were exported from Scene)


Example scene:


Viametris example:


This ZIP file should be placed in the resource drop zone. Next, you will need to validate the 360 degree image setting by selecting the correct type and source so that the process can integrate it correctly. Please note, if you add 360° images from a structured scanner, it must be active (visible on the viewer) and you must keep the E57 file when uploading.


Processing time may take a few minutes and bubbles will appear in the viewer.

In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.