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How to use the viewer with a mobile device ?

You will see that many things have changed in the mobile viewer, options have disappeared and others have changed their behaviors. Also note that the mobile viewer works for phones, tablets and even touch screens connected to computers, when using the mouse, the desktop viewer will activate, switch to the touchscreen and the mobile viewer will activate automatically.

Let's head over the tools, first, the most important, the navigation modes, we went from 4 on desktop to 2 on mobile, the default one remains the same, Orbit, simply move 1 finger around to look around the point cloud, use 2 fingers going the opposite ways to zoom in/out and use 3 fingers going the same way to move your camera laterally.



Please be advised that to zoom in and out, you would have to only move 1 finger and keep the other one still.


 The second mode is the **fly **mode, this one allows you to look around you by using 1 finger and also move laterally by using 2 or more in the same direction. 


Just like in the desktop viewer, you are able to move your camera by double-clicking, except you will have to double tap in this case.


Measures interactions have changed quite a bit, add them the same way you are on the desktop viewer, you've selected its name, now tap the point cloud where you want to add your measure spheres, you will be gotten out of measuring mode once all spheres for a measure type are dropped, for unlimited types (distance, floor surface and profile) double tap anywhere to stop adding spheres, be aware that tapping on the point cloud will stop the measure where it is when tapping outside of it will remove the last sphere you've added, practical if you've made a mistake.


You can also move the spheres, to do so, press one to select it, it will become light blue, then tap on the point cloud where you want to drop it or press it again to deselect it.


You will see that the volume measurement has disappeared, as well as the clipping box and the zone export. Don't look for these options on mobile devices, these are not available.

You can still add annotations, double tap the place you want to add just as the desktop version, it works the same way.

Cameras and animation paths are also present, however you will not be able to move the animation path by pressing it, using the right menu will be mandatory, for more information, check out the "Cameras" article. 


Models/zones interactions also have changed, you can select/deselect an object by staying pressed on it for 2 seconds, just like in the desktop viewer you are able to move the object using the handles, to change the handles type, triple tap anywhere on your screen, you can also quadruple tap to skip 1 mode, allowing you not to press 6 times. 


Ahead to the 360 images, you can get in an image by simply double tapping it, once inside, use 1 finger to move around, just like the fly mode, you can also change the camera's focus by sliding 2 fingers up ad down, do the same thing with 3 fingers to change the opacity, to get in another image, double tap directly from your position and double tap anywhere else to get out of the image.


You can also see that some options are gone such as High Quality as some devices don't support it, same goes for the VR and the dynamic menus, which are always displayed on mobile. For the rest, the viewer stays the same, and you should feel right at home.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.