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Assign a Rank to a User

First of all, know that you have 4 ranks in addition to the rank of leader automatically assigned to the creator of the group. These ranks are global to your group, if you wish to only change permissions for a specific project, visit this article instead.

The ranks are:

- Member: He only sees the projects to which he is assigned, he cannot create projects. He can spend tokens only if he has the “Spend tokens” role on a project.

- Project manager: He is a simple member except that he can create projects, he will automatically be assigned the role of project manager on the projects he has created (and only these). He can spend tokens on the projects he has created.

- Manager: He is a global project manager, that is to say he has the same capacities as the project manager but he will be given the role of project manager on each project to which he is invited. He can also assign the rank of project manager / member to other users within the company and view company information and data. He can spend tokens on projects where he is invited.

- Administrator: He can see all the projects of the group, manage them all, invite new members, manage the notes of other members, see the information and data of the company. He can spend tokens on all company projects.

- Leader: This role cannot be assigned, it is automatically assigned to the creator of the group, he can do the same things as the Administrator except that he is the only one who can change the group's subscription and bank card, he is also the only one who can view and download invoices. He is the only one who does not have the possibility to create a new group because he is already the leader of his own group.


First, you'll want to get to the Global Permissions page located under the 'Company' menu. On this page you can see all the users of your company.


To grant a rank to a user, find the user within the box corresponding to the rank you want to give. Then click on his name, this will move him to the right and change it to yellow. When a user is in yellow, that means that the changes made to his rank have not been saved yet. You will have to click “validate” to save the changes.


Once you validate your changes, the users will receive their new ranks. Click on them while they are on the right side to move them to the left, this will remove their current rank and grant them back the “member” rank.

Also note that giving a user a rank will always remove the old one, as a user can only have one company rank at a time.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.