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How to use the viewer with a mobile device ?

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What is the BPF format ?

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How to activate/deactivate the MFA ?

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How to analyse a diagnosis

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Material recommendation

Workflows (Export data from local software)

Exporting Structured Data and Panoramic Images from Trimble RealWorks

Exporting a structured .e57 from Faro SCENE

Exporting 360° images from Faro SCENE

Exporting a structured .e57 from Cyclone Register 360

Exporting BLK2Go point cloud and 360 images from Cyclone Register 360

Import NavVis dataset with panoramic images

Import a ReCap project on the platform

Annotations / BCF

How to create annotations (BCF)?

What are BCFs ?

How to import BCFs?

How to export annotations in 3 different formats? (BCF, PDF, CSV)

How to edit an annotation in the viewer?

How to edit an annotation in the project' edition page?

How to use the annotation summary tab ?

How to use V1 annotations?