360° images

In this article, you will discover how to interact with 360° images.


360° images allow you to see actual point cloud images, note that not all point clouds may have 360° images, these images are displayed as blue dots in the viewer, double- click on one of them to access it.


We are now in a 360° image.


In a 360° image, you can change the field of view using the scroll wheel.


Press CTRL while using the scroll wheel to change the opacity of the image, allowing you to compare the image and the point cloud.


You can rotate your camera by holding your left click and moving your mouse, to exit a 360° image, press ESC.


You can also interact with the bubbles if needed, you can hide them all by opening the 360 image menu and clicking on the first option.


These can also be partially hidden, if you are using a crop box you can decide if you prefer to see all the images or just the ones in the box. On the first image you can see all the images, on the second only those in the crop area, to change this option click on the first option in the 360 images menu until the button is half colored half white.


You can also decide if you want the bubbles to be hidden by walls or displayed at all times. The second option of the 360 images menu is there for that.


You can also find 2 options in the settings menu, the first option lets you set the size of the bubbles.


Finally the second option allows you, when you are inside an image, to select the distance up to which you want to see other bubbles.


To interact with 360 images on mobile, follow the procedure in the article "How to use the viewer with a mobile device?".


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.

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