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In this article, you will find out the use for every button in the Features category that you can find within the settings menu in the viewer (lighting / collaborative mode / background / virtual reality / high quality / box / lock view / automatic save / help / removable menus / personalized features)


Features :

Lighting :

Lighting is a special feature, when activating the lighting you will be getting the default settings, you can change theses in the Lighting category that will apear when the button is activated, the new settings you set will be kept as is even if you turn off the lighting and turn it back on.

To activate / deactivate the lighting just click the light icon in the Features menu.


The Lighting category has now appeared, you can see it has two options, the first one, Radius, plays with the width of the zone around each point where the light will get darker, the second one, Strength, is used to actually set the shadows strength. 


Collaborative mode :

Allows you to be on a similar project simultaneously with someone else, each of the users will be seeing live what the other is doing.

⚠️ This button is not used anymore, the process has been changed, for more information, check the callaborative mode article ⚠️


Background :

You can switch between 4 backgrounds in the viewer, the dark blue one (default), the black one, the cloudy sky one (useful when trying to preview an outdoor site) and a white one.

To navigate through the different backgrounds just click the background button situated in the Features category.

Dark blue (default) :


Black :


Cloudy sky :


White :


Virtual Reality :

This button is used tu see the project with a VR headset, it is currently under maintenance and it cannot be used.


High Quality :

This is the fastest way to make your point cloud look better, just click the HQ button situated in the Features category, clicking this button will force your viewer to give you the best image possible without changing the amount of points currently displayed. You will see on the two images below that the differences are verry small, but keep in mind that while in the viewer, trying to get a great result, this little difference will be a game changer.

Normal quality:

High quality:


Box :

The boxes help you see your point cloud architecture, the biggest boxes englobes the complete point cloud, then smaller boxes will contain other smaller boxes where there is a lot of points, where the is no points you will have a big empty box, the boxes are also called nodes, the point density of the each node dependning on it's size can be changed with the Min node size option, you can find out more about it here : Appearance settings
To activate / deactivate the boxes, click the box icon.


Lock view :

The lock view button allows you to stop the viewer from rendering the point cloud, you can change the settings, move your camera around, no changes will be made on the point cloud. By defaukt, every time you move your camera around the viewer renders the point cloud dynamically to give a high level of performance while keeping the look you want. Activating this options stops the dynamic loading of the point cloud.


Auto save :

The automatic save allows you to work on you project without worrying about saving it and mostly forgetting about it. 


Help :

This button allows you to open the viewer's help wizzard, this feature is currently under development .


Amovible menus :

By default this option is activated, when activated the 3 menus within the viewer will hide in the side of the screen when your mouse is far from them and they will comeback out when you get close to it, if you deactivate this function, the 3 menus will be fixed on screen and will never hide on the sides.



Custom features :

Dices :

Here you can see you have two dices, each of them represents each dice button from the top menu, these top menu dices are actually shortcuts, in the right menu you can select which option you want to get a shortcut of, depending on your needs and the way you work you might want to get a VR shortcut, a quality one or even the Box, and you have much more choices to choose from :
- Collaborative
- VR
- Quality
- Box
- Lock view
- Auto save

You can change your shortcuts at any moment.


Save settings :

That one is pretty self explanatory, click this button to save all the settings you have set for your project, this allows you to come back whenever you want into your project without wasting time on putting back your settings. Also note that these settings are saved by user and by project so you can have a different setting for each project without interfiering with the others, also your collaborators can have their settings without impacting yours within the same project.


Delete saved settings :

Once again pretty self explanatory, this allows you to delete your saved settings for this project, use this in case you wish to come back to the default settings.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.

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