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In this article, you will find out how to export point cloud zones from the viewer.


Exporting zones is one of the main features of the viewer.

To open the export zone menu, click the hard disk icon.

Then click the file icon to start the export procedure.

A new window and a clipping box has appeared, click in the viewer anywhere close to the zone you wish to export, then, close the Zone export window, we will be taking care of this later on.


The first step is the place your clipping box the way you want, everything contained within this box will be exported, what is outside of the box wont be, it is as easy as this.

To play with the box you have a dot at the end of each axis, grab and drag these dots to change the boxe's size, you can also see 3 quarter of circles, grab and drag these to rotate the box. Getting good at manipulating this tool will definitly get some time so don't be afraid to try things with it to get used to it.

Onto the good practices, the first thing you will want to do is place the box's bottom correctly, orientation and pitch in the order that you like, once this is done you can get to the next step, placing the bottom the way you want it, the right size, where you want it. When this is done just make it the right height and there you go, your box is set. Obviously depending on what you are planning to do with the clipping this procedure might change but you should always try to keep this 3 step process in your mind.


To help you placing your box you can display with a blue lighting, to do so, open the clipping menu and select the highlighter option.


Find the Export zone in the right menu to see it's properties.


In here you can find your box's center, it's length, width, height and it's volume. 


You can reinitialize the orientation, it wont touch the boxe's size or position.


You can also delete the export zone.


Now that everything is set, click the export button to open the Export Zone window that we closed earlier.



First thing, set the zone's name and choose the export mode you want. There are two usable modes:

Via the browser, unified (LAS) : 

In this mode you can only export the file as LAS and choose between 5 quality levels, the 1st level beeing the low quality one and the 5th one being the high quality one. The download will start immediatly and you will find your file in your downloads.


When the export is started, points begin to get recovered, if you wish to get the best export possible, wait until the export is done, however you have the possibility to finish the export using points that have already ben recovered, skipping the last ones to gain some time and file size. To do so, click "finish".


Once the export is done, wether it was done automaticaly or manualy, the .LAS file will be downloaded directly onto your cumputer.


Via the server, unified : 

In this mode you can choose between 3 file type, LAS, E57 and RCP, the amount of simultaneous exports you can do is limited, the default value is 1 export at a time, if you wish to be able to export multiple zones simultaneously, please contact us. The maximum export volume in this mode is 70.000.000 m³.


Choose your export name, select, via the server, unified and select a file type, in this example we will use .LAS.


When you are ready, click begin export.


To retrieve your files, open the project's edit page, click on the project's name to get to it directly


When your export is done, you will recieve an email telling you that you export is waiting for you, get to the "files" sub-page to find your file.

If you are not able to access this page / sub-page,, ask one of your managers to change your project role, to learn more about project role, check out this article : Grant project permission to members.


In the export zone sub-menu you can also delete every measures (currently not active)


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.


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