Point cloud attributes

In this article you will discover what you should be doing with the point clouds attributes


To find the point cloud attributed, open the Project menu and click on the point cloud you want to select.

The Attribute category has now appeared, in here you can find a select, this allows you to choose how you want to change your point cloud visual, you should be using this if you wish to change the contrast or if your point cloud doens't show the right way (if it appears all black for exemple), change or fix the coloration, remove the colors to get black and white instead, go from black and white to colored etc...



The select list has 15 different options :

- Intensity

- Intensity gradient

- Return number

- Number of returns

- Classification

- Scan angle rank

- User data

- Scan angle rank

- Point source id


- Elevation

- Color

- Matcap

- Indices

- Level of details

- Composite


If your point cloud doesn't show the right way you should try to change the attribute to how your point cloud was made (usually RGB or intensity), if you can't remember what attribute your point cloud has, you can always try to go through all the attributes, we cover every type of point cloud.

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