Cutting plane

In this article, you will learn how to use the section plane tool.


The section plane tool enables you to display a section of a point cloud as a slice, which can be either horizontal or vertical. You have control over its position and thickness, allowing you to customize the visualization according to your requirements.

To create a slice plane, navigate to the clipping box menu and select the last option. Alternatively, you can access this feature from the project menu after the slice has been created


Let's begin by examining the effect of using each of the axes.

The X-axis will cut the project vertically along the West/East axis.


The Y-axis will cut the project vertically along the North/South axis.


The Z-axis will cut the project horizontally.


The first slider enables you to choose the thickness of the slice.


The offset allows you to adjust the position of the slice. In this context, with the Z-axis selected, a value of 0 corresponds to ground level.


To align the X and Y axes with the building's lines, you can adjust the project's North orientation.


The last option allows you to choose whether to include 3D and 2D objects when using a slice plan, or to exclusively slice the point cloud.



If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Happy exploring!

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Creator : Alexis Helper
Creation date : 08/02/2024

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