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Collaborative Mode

Collaborative mode allows you to be with other members in the same viewer and see everyone's modifications/movements in real time. To ensure that everything goes as planned, we advise you to choose a group leader, this person will be the one who will save the versions of the project. Also note that this feature only works for logged in members, sharing a project publicly will not allow logged out users to access collaborative mode.


Collaborative mode is very simple to use, just click on the dedicated button on the right panel.

A window will appear on the left of your screen, enter the name of the session you want to use, you can use any name you want, with letters, numbers and special characters. When you're ready, click Connect. If the session does not exist, it will be created, if it does exist, you will be connected to the users who are already in this session.


Once you're in a collaborative session, you'll be able to see other users moving around, you'll also see any actions they're taking, and they'll see yours. For example, if you drop measurements, clip boxes, annotations, animations, etc., everyone in the session will see each other's actions.
You can teleport to another user by clicking on their icon. Ultimately, you can log out of the session at any time. Don't forget to ask someone to save a version before leaving the session.


If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Happy exploring!