How to analyse a diagnosis

In this article, we will see how to analyze a diagnosis and if your device/network is efficient enough for the platform.


In the left menu, you can find your diagnosis page, this allows you to get some information about your device, browser and network, these data are very important as it will tell you whether you are going to be able to navigate in the viewer properly. 

  • The first indicator is the Os you are using, basically the system of your device. Both desktop and mobile devices are supported, only exceptions for old devices and certain browsers, visit the browser/device compatibilities article for more information. You can learn more information about how to use the viewer with a mobile device in the index, just type "mobile" in the platform's search bar located on the help-center's index page.


  • Second on the list, the browser you are using, each browser has a different way of working, we recommend Chrome or any other chromium browser (such as edge or brave), Mozilla Firefox will also let you navigate the viewer, however the performances will be affected by that browser. Safari 15 is now supported in the viewer, however we do not recommend its use, and you will need to manually activate WebGL, visit the WebGL 2.0 activation article for more information.


  • You will then find your graphic card, this is used by the viewer to improve performances, make sure that your browser is currently using your graphic card. Computers without a graphic card can access the viewer, however it will be slower. To make sure you are using the correct one, visit this article.


  • Onto the second line, you will find in first position the WebGL compatibility. If you are compatible with WebGL, you should be able to access the viewer. If WebGL is not compatible your device might be too old or your browser/browser version might not be compatible with WebGL, in this case, try another browser or update it. Ultimately, you might have to try with another device. To learn more about compatibility, see the dedicated article. Reminder: On safari, WebGL must be activated manually, go to the WebGL 2.0 activation article to find the tutorial.


  • Finally, your internet speed, this is one of the most important information here, the faster your broadband, the faster your viewer will work, we consider that above 15Mbps your speed is good, it is ok between 5 and 15Mbps and low below 5Mbps. The same goes for the files upload/download, the faster your speed is, the faster you will finish these tasks.


  • All this information can be copied into your clipboard with a simple click, just use the button at the right top of the page to do so.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.

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