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Browser/Device Incompatibilities

If you are visiting this article, it is possible that you encountered a browser or a device error, this occurs when the browser you are using does not support the technologies we are using or your device is too old to be used.


Before going on with this article, make sure that you are not using any of the following technologies, as they are currently not supported by the platform : 

  • Any Apple mobile device using IOS 16.3 or under

  • Older mobile devices from any brand

  • Safari 16.3 or under

  • Internet Explorer

  • Other older browser could not be supported


The first thing you will want to try when getting this kind of error is retrying with another browser, we advise you to use Google Chrome or any Chromium browser as these are the most optimized out there.

Here is the list of browser we recommend :

  • Google Chrome (V.89 and above, best for mobile devices)

  • Mozilla Firefox (V.108 and above)

  • Microsoft Edge (V.89 and above)

  • Chromium (V.89 and above)

  • Opera (V.75 and above)

  • Vivaldi

  • Brave

  • Safari 16.4 or over (IOS 16.4 or over for Apple mobile devices)


If it still doesn't work, try updating your browser.


Finally, the last thing you will want to check is WebGL2, to learn more about it visit the WebGL2 dedicated article, you will find it on the right of your screen in the connex articles



Apple users, please be aware that if you want to use Safari, only versions higher or equal to 15.0 will be working. You will also have to manually activate WebGL2, to do so, follow the tutorials situated in the WebGL 2.0 article, you can find it in the connex articles.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.