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Give support access

Support can be very important if you need help with your projects, whether it's because of a bug, because you have a question, need information, or need help with use the tools.

Activating the support gives access to your projects to the members of our team, allowing us to come and help you directly in the project, deactivating the support will then hide the project from us again.


⚠️ Please note that support can only be enabled / disabled by members with admin permission level or the creator of the company group that is hosting the project ⚠️


There are 2 ways to grant support access to a project, from the dashboard or the projects page, or directly from the project edit page.


On the dashboard page or the projects page you will see your project cards, at the top right of those you will find a handshake icon, click on it to start the help process.


The page will now ask you why you need help, this helps us get the best information to you as quickly as possible without wasting your precious time. Once you've written what you want, hit "submit".


You will now have to validate your request for assistance by entering "Support" in the following field, then press "Validate". Your request for assistance has been accepted, and we have been notified, our team will be with you shortly.


To turn off support access, repeat the process. Click on the handshake icon which is now blue because support is enabled and enter "Support" to validate.


The second way to grant support access is through the project's edit page.


In the overall tab, you will find the option to grant support access.


A text field has appeared, fill it in with the reason for your request for assistance and press Submit.


Validate by entering "Support" in the window that appears.


If you wish to deactivate it, uncheck the box and enter "Support" to validate your choice.


Note that making your support request using the edit page does not prevent you from deactivating it from the dashboard, you can use both solutions, it all depends on which way you prefer.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.