Interact with DXF files

In this article, you will learn how to interact with DXF files. These are some very special resources that don't work the same way as the other ones.

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You can import a DXF the same way you would import any other resources. You can follow this article to learn about resource importation.

Once the file has been uploaded, go to the viewer and load it following this article.


DXF resources are loaded in the background, this means you can still use the viewer while the resource is being brought into it. On the right, you will find your file under the 3D models category


Click on it to display its settings menu, it is similar to the one you can find with regular models, except there is a new option. It is possible to flatten the height, this will put all layers of the selected DXF on the same level.


By clicking on the arrow located next to your file's name, you will be able to select each layer independently. 


When clicking on a layer, its own settings menu will appear, allowing you to change its position on the z axis (altitude) as well as its color.


All changes made to the DXF and the layers will be saved in the versions you create.


Double-click on a layer to get moved towards it. 


⚠️Important information: Interaction with DXFs or layers is limited. You will not be able to take measurements or double-click to zoom. Clipping boxes have no effect on DXFs.⚠️


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.

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