Grant project permission to members

In this article, you'll learn how to assign roles to members for each project.


This article follows on from the article "Grant project access to members" .

Project roles grant members different permissions regarding the project, roles assigned in a project are only applied in that project, others are not affected by these changes, this allows you to work with your team in most conditions. You can decide exactly who can do what and where. Some roles can grant important permissions to your users, so be careful who you grant the roles to before doing so.

The available roles are:

- Project administrator: gives access to all the authorizations concerning the project.

- Download source file: gives the user the possibility to download the source files of the project (point clouds and 3D models).

- Membership administrator: gives the user the ability to add new members to the project and assign them different roles. (this is the role you should prioritize detailed in this article and in the "Grant project access to members" article)

- Export zones: gives the user the possibility to export new zones from the viewer.

- File import: gives the user the ability to import new files into the project such as new point clouds or 3D models.

- Spend tokens: gives the user the possibility to spend tokens on the project.

You will first need to access the edit page of the project, you can do this by clicking on the gear icon located at the top of each project in the "Projects" page, you can also access this page by clicking on the "Edit" button on the dashboard page. Please note that you may not be able to access each project's edit page, as it will depend on your permissions for that project. You may also not be able to see all the boxes on this page, as this will again depend on your permissions. Please note that you might not be allowed to view this subpage depending on your rating in the group or your role in the project.

You will first need to go to the "Private Sharing and Permissions" subpage, there you will find 2 boxes, in this article we will focus on the one on the right called "Assign Project Roles".

On the left side of the box, you can see a list of all members who have access to the project but have not been granted access to the currently selected role.

To select the role you want to assign to the user, simply click on the selection at the top of the box and choose a role from the list. Then click on each user on the left side of the box who you want to give the role to, then they will disappear from the left side and appear in the right one with yellow coloring, this is just a way for you to know who is coming to be moved in case you want to undo the action.

Once you have transferred all the desired members, simply click on the "Validate" button to save your changes. Note that this action can work both ways if you want to remove a role from a user, just click on it on the right side it will be sent to the left side and the user will lose that role and the permissions that go with it.

The member you moved is now on the right, a sign that he has this role.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.

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