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Public Sharing in the Viewer

With the version 4 of the application, you can enable/disable the public sharing directly from the viewer. The interface is similar to the one you can find in this article.


Open the public sharing interface by clicking on the sharing button, you can also access it by opening the settings and selecting the Sharing tab.

Enable the public sharing to see all the options and allow users with the link to see the project.


At the top, you will find 2 fields that you can copy, the fiorst one is the project URL, anyone that has this link can visualize the project. The second field is an iframe, you can copy this to integrate your project directly on your website, send this to your developer so they can integrate this line in the HTML of your website. The QR code can be copied, scanning this QR code will have the same effect as using the first link.

Under, you will find the expiration date, after this date, the public link will automatically be blocked. You can set a new expiration date at any time, the link will remain the same. Even after a link has expired, if you reset the expiration date, the link will not change. You can reset the link by clicking on the 2 arrows by the link.

If you want, you can add a password protection to you public sharing links. This password will be requesting upon entering the project in public mode, alowing you to protect your data, even with an public link. To set or change the password, simply enter it and click on the check icon to validate it. Password change is instantaneous and there is no time limit before you can change the password again. the link of the public sharing will NOT change when you edit the password.

You can decide whether you want to show the tools to your public users or if you want to limit them. If the tool palette is disabled, visitors will be able to : 


If the tool palette is enabled, visitors will also have access to : 


Finally, you can decide to enable or disable the mini-map in the public sharing, disabling the mini-map will not block the users from enabling it once they are in the viewer, this is just a default setting to tell whether the map should be enabled or disabled by default. 


Visitors using a public link to open a project will be limited to the actions listed above, they cannot create new versions, meaning they cannot save any action they will perform during their session. No data can be downloaded using a public sharing link, visitors cannot retrieve point clouds, models or any type of file.


If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Happy exploring!