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Viewer V3

Appearance settings

Load resources in the viewer

Version system

Save visuals in the viewer (Animations, camera positions and images)

Point of view

Measuring tools

Features (settings menu)

Navigation modes

Zone export

Viewer's Cube, Map and Performance indicator

Interact with 360° images

Point cloud properties

Clipping Box

Point cloud attributes

Keyboard shortcuts

How to use the viewer with a mobile device ?

Export an orthoimage

Compare your point cloud with a 3D model

Collaborative mode

Visualize your projects in VR

Interact with resources


Calculate Density

Cutting plane

Automatically align a 3D model with a point cloud

Height Profile


Change project's information

Grant project access to members

Grant project permission to members

Create a project

Public sharing

Adding files

Download 360 ° images from a source

Give support access

Project transfer

Business management

Invite members in the cloud

Assign a rank to a user

Modify your subscription

The freemium subscription

Purchase of tokens

Modify your email templates

Preview and request a White Label interface


Change your password

Change your personal information

How to activate/deactivate the MFA ?