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Modifying Your Email Templates

If you have an enterprise subscription, you will be able to modify your email templates, you will be able to edit the header, signature, add some text if you want to redirect to your website for example and last but not least, you will be able to link your social medias. The content of the email will not be editable.


All right, let's see how to make this happen, let's head over to your company's settings page, then open the email template tab.


On the right you will find all the editable fields, let's list them before we detail each one.

Header : The top of your email, usually the logo of your company

Paragraphs : This will be at the bottom of the email, after the content and the signature, use this to link your website, usually you would use this to redirect to articles related to your company

Add a paragraph : Click this to add a new paragraph under the previous one, you can have up to 4 paragraphs

Signature : Sign the end of the content, you can use your usual email signature

Social networks : Enter the links to your social networks so your users can visit those easily



Before we discuss each category, let's talk about some important points.

  1. The information entered on this page will be used for all emails and all changes will be instantaneous.
  2. Everything that will be written will remain as it is through all languages, meaning if the email is sent in French, it will still have some English parts inside of it.
  3. Before you come to this page and change the template to your colors, every email will be sent with the default template. If you wish the default paragraphs to be removed, you must insert at least 1 custom paragraph or add a custom signature.
  4. The emails are supposed to be 600px wide, when creating your template keep that value in mind If you want an image to cover the complete width, right click on it and click ‘image’ then in width select 600, if you want it to take 50% of the width enter 300, you get the point.
  5. Be advised that if you drag and drop an image instead of putting down a link, it might not show up in every email solution. We know that Gmail and Outlook 2007 will not display images that have been drag and dropped. To make sure your images are visible, you should host your image on the web and then integrated it into your email using a link.


This corresponds to the top of your email. There is a big chance that you will want to put your company logo up there, you can also decide to leave it blank so that the content of the email is the first thing that appears when opening it. If you do want to leave it blank, just put a white space in the field, if you do not put a white space, emails will be sent with the default header. Don't forget to save your changes before leaving.




These are the blocks situated at the very bottom of the email. You are not obliged to use these. This section is usually used to redirect the user to some articles or to create an email footer, where you can write your company's information, address, contact email, phone number, whatever you like.

You might want to setup images and text side by side, to do so click the more options button and select table, then create a table of 2x1 and drop your image in one cell, the text in the other. You can also decide to only put text or images, you decide how you want to do it. If you decide to use tables, remember to right-click on them and set the border width to 0 to hide them.  Don't forget to save your changes before leaving.


If you want to add an email footer, just create another paragraph.  Don't forget to save your changes before leaving.




Despite being called Signature, it is not displayed at the end of the email but at the end of the fixed content, above the paragraphs. You can use sentences such as the following ones (these are just examples, do as you please)

  1. The Generic Company team.
  2. Regards, Firstname Lastname
  3. Cheers.
  4. The Generic Company team wishes you a good day

By default, if you do not enter anything, the email will automatically say : The Generic Company team.
If you wish to completely remove the signature along with the default one, just add a white space in the field. Don't forget to save your changes before leaving.




You are probably wondering what we are talking about here, as we did not speak about sketches before. You see when editing any field, you can click the Display sketch button to have a preview of what your emails will look like.

Here we have every category that has been filled before, also you will notice a line that is not contained in any box, that is where the content of the email will be when actually sending out emails.

The header The signature Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2



Social medias

Very important part of our modern society, here are the social medias, you just have to go onto your social page and copy the URL, enter only the part situated after the base URL. If the eye on the right is green, the social media link is visible on your emails, if it is red, then it is hidden. In the emails, the social medias are displayed at the very bottom. If you do not find the socials you want, please contact us so we can add them to the list of available social medias.



Here is what the email looks like :

Header Content Signature Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Social medias


If you have any problem or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.