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Managing BCF Categories

The BCF category page

First of all, go to the BCF categories page, to do this you just have to go to Company then to settings and finally click on the BCF categories tab.


On this page, you will find the four default categories (Issue, Upgrade, Task, Other) as well as your custom categories.

There are 2 types of custom categories, created and imported. The first type corresponds to categories you have created on the platform, these are available to use on all projects of the company. The imported ones are those that were brought in a project when uploading a BCF and will only be usable in that specific project. It is possible to transform an imported category into a created one, simply click the activate button. This will open a window, click activate again to validate the transformation. It is not possible to make the transformation in the other way.



Create a BCF categories

To create a BCF category, click on the add category button:


You will then have to fill in the creation form :

Category name (required): Category name, primary means of identifying the category. This is limited to 80 characters and special characters are prohibited and will be automatically removed.

Category color (Black by default): Allows easier and faster identification of the category.

Description (Optional): Allows you to describe the usefulness of the category within a limit of 255 characters.

Cancellation : Cancel the category, your progress will not be saved

Validation : Creates the category. It will be usable on all the company's projects immediately.



Manage BCF categories

Let's see what each column correspond to :

  • Name : The name of the category
  • Color : The color representing the category, it will be visible as a dot on every annotation using that category
  • Description : The description of the category
  • BCF : The amount of BCFs using that category throughout the company
  • Actions : Edit or Activate button, opening an edition window either way, only difference is the Activate one will transform the category as a created one and make it available in every project of the company. Categories with the edit button are already available in all the company's project.


This is what the edition window looks like, it is similar in every point to the creation one. The only difference is that this one has a delete button, click this to remove the category, this can only be done if the category is not used in any annotation. This action cannot be rolled back, deleted categories are gone forever, until you create them again.


If you wish to learn more about BCFs and how to use them, please refer to the following articles :

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In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.