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Learning About the Delivery Note (DN)

The Delivery Note (DN) system is a process that allows a company to get data delivered into a project while making sure that the data is following the rules established by that company.


The DN is basically an iteration of version, in each version there will be accepted and refused files, until there are only validated files and the process is finished. Once the process is finished, the project turns back into a regular project. For each version there is an automated verification made by the platform, these verifications include :

  • Mandatory requirements :
    • Scans are valide
    • All scans include an intensity dimension
    • The project doesn't make over 2km in length or width (X and Y axis)
    • The projects doesn't make over 500m in height (Z axis)
  • Optional requirement :
    • Point cloud is not structured
    • Point cloud doesn't contain images
    • Point cloud doesn't have a classification dimension
    • At least one scan doesn't have a colorized dimension

Then a manual verification is made by a client before fully allowing the file in the project.


There are 2 sides to the DN process, the client side and the deliverer side.

The client is the group receiving the data, it is them who decide on the rules that have to be followed. We will see later on what these rules can be. Their task along the process will be to validate and/or refuse files until all files are validated and the process is over.


The deliverer is the group sending the data, most likely a surveyor and/or a modeler. Their task along the process will be to send files and modify them accordingly to the clients requests at each step.


Delivery Notes are bases on templates, these are created by the client and can be assigned to multiple projects. You can setup the dropboxes as you want and have as many as you want. In the regular projects you can only find 2 dropboxes, sources and resources.


This process is made to simplify the file tracking for both the clients and deliverers as well as to make sure that the files in the project are compliant with the client's policies as he will be validating each file before it makes its way in the project.


In you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.