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Using the Delivery Note (DN) Prefix

The DN prefixes are used to force certain files to have a specific name. We recommend using this if you want to correctly keep track of your files. For instance, you could use it to force the deliverer to put the date on which the scan was made. You can also force letters to be used, to create a code for example. If you are dealing with multiple surveyors, each could have a code that would be included in the name of their files so you could recognize them. These are just examples, you are of course free to use these as you like or even not to use them at all if you feel like you don't need it.


Access the Company Settings page, then select the DN configuration tab. Click on the right menu and select the prefix option.


Click on the button on the right to create a new prefix.


In the input you can enter 4 different letters, here is what each stands for :

  • X : You can put as many of those as you want, these correspond to letters (ex : XXXXXX → SURVEY). Warning, you cannot decide what letters the X will have to relate to, the deliverer can put any letter as long as there are as many as X.
  • YYYY : Corresponds to a year, it must be a 4-digit number
  • MM : Corresponds to a month, it must be a 2-digit number between 01 and 12
  • DD : Corresponds to a day, it must be a 2-digit number between 01 and 31

You can use either dashes or underscores as separators, all other characters will throw an error, including slashes, spaces, comas, dots and so on…

Keep in mind that you don't have to use all categories, you can use the character and/or the date component as you like


Examples : 

  • YYYY-MM-DD\_XXX- → 2023-04-15\_SRV-
  • XXXXXXX\_MM\_DD\_YYYY→ SURVEYS\_01\_21\_2022
  • XX\MM-YYYY\ → SC\02-2020\
  • XXXX- → LAND-


Validate to create the prefix.


Once a prefix is created, you can edit it or delete it.


If you have any problem or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.