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Transferring a Project to Another Workgroup

Transfer key

To generate a transfer key, simply go to the company settings page.

Once there, you can generate your transfer key by clicking on the field indicated in the project transfer tab.


By clicking on the field again, you can add it to the clipboard.

Transfer a project

Access the project editing page.


Click on the Duplicate/Move tab.
You will then need to enter the target business key and choose whether you want to duplicate the project (i.e. keep the original project in your account) or move it.


Once the transfer is complete, you will receive an email.

Remarks :

  • You will not be able to transfer if you have a freemium account
  • You will not be able to transfer a project to an enterprise with a Freemium or Enterprise subscription (unless you also have an Enterprise subscription)\*
  • BCF annotations will not be transferred automatically, if you wish to send them, export your annotations in BCF format and drop the file as a "resource" before transferring the project, the recipient will only have to download the BCF file and the import from his side.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.