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Exporting Annotations in 3 Different Formats (BCF, PDF, CSV)

First, open your project's edit page.


You will find all options in the BCF tab, each option is a blue button at the top of the page, the green button is used to import BCFs.



The BCF export is the most important one, allowing you to get your annotations and send them to your team.  For more information on BCF files, check out our dedicated article. The Export as BCF button automatically exports all annotations available in your project, there is no option allowing you to export only the ones that you want.


Once you have clicked the button, you will be asked to enter the name of the file you want, you can decide to name it however you want, just remember that digits will not be saved in the file's name, only letters and dashes will work. Then click Export to start the export process. You can continue to navigate this page while the export is processing, however until the file is actually downloaded onto your computer you must not leave this page. (You can open new browser tabs to navigate to other pages)



The well known PDF file allows us to give a complete annotation report. This export is really flexible and allows you to export only the one that you want, in the order that you want. Basically, when clicking the Export as PDF, a window will pop up to let you decide which annotations you want to have in your report.


In this window, you will only find the annotations that are currently displayed on the screen, in the same order. This means that you can use the filters and the sorting tools to prepare your report. Then select the annotations that you want by checking them, you can use the 2 top buttons to check them all or uncheck them all. Once you are happy with your selection, get to the bottom of the window and press export


Decide whether you want the summary to be exported too. The summary is a bundle of graphics that you can find following this article.


You will then have to choose the name of your file and click export. A timer will tell you the remaining time before the PDF is created and downloaded, do not leave this page while the process is still ongoing.



The CSV export was created so you could easily check out all annotations in a simple table. Clicking the Export as CSV button will automatically export all annotations currently displayed on the page. That means you can play with the filters to export only what you need. This functionality is not available for mobile devices and MAC computers.


You will then have to choose the name of your file and click export. The process will only take a few seconds, wait for the file to be downloaded before leaving the page.


In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.