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Autodesk Revit Plug-in - Inserting Project Sources

If the Autodesk Revit plugin is not installed on your computer, you can first go to the article “ Autodesk Revit Plug-in - Installation ” and then come back here after this operation.

Tip: To fully follow the instructions in this article, we recommend adding a scatterplot first. If this is not done, go to the article “ Autodesk Revit Plug-in – Insert a point cloud


After some time, following the addition of the point cloud, a message informing you of the detection of sources will appear. (time varies with the number of clouds on the project and their sizes)

Please note that this dialog box may be hidden behind an open tab on your computer.

You then have the possibility of adding all the sources of the project by clicking on “Yes” or of refusing the addition by clicking on “No”.

Attention, this action is irreversible, to be able to reinsert the sources, it is necessary to delete a cloud resulting from the project where the sources are located then to follow the instructions of this article.

Bravo, you have inserted the sources of a web project.

For more information on managing point cloud settings, see the article “ Autodesk Revit Plug-in - Manage Point Clouds ”.


If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Happy exploring!