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Interacting with DXF Files

You can import a DXF the same way you would import any other resource. You can follow this article to learn more about importing resources.

Once the file is downloaded, go to the viewer and load it following this article.


You can modify the regular properties of the DXF like any other resource by selecting them from the Project menu.


In the Layers tab, you will find a complete list of all layers contained in the DXF file. Each layer can be turned on or off individually, and clicking on a layer will access its settings menu.


In the layer settings menu, you'll come across options to change the layer's name, adjust its color, and manipulate its position along the vertical axis. To return to the main list of layers, simply click the designated button.


Finally, in the actions tab, you will find a button to return all layers to the same height.

Eventually, you can also duplicate the DXF or delete it.



If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Happy exploring!