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Using the File Transfer API

To have access to the API documentation and to get your API key, you should first contact the platform team. Once they activate your account, you can then have access to the full API documentation by clicking on the left side “API documentation” :


The transfer file API is divided in 4 categories : 

  1. Authentication
  2. Project Management
  3. Company Management
  4. File management


This allows you to connect a user and get the JWT token. 

Project Management

In the project management, you can create a project or list the projects of the user. 

Company Management

With this API you can list the companies that the user has access on.

File Management

In the file management, you can generate presigned multipart URLs for file upload. Once you have uploaded the file you can complete the multipart upload. For the file upload, you can request for a python script that can send the file using the presigned URLs. 


In case of problems or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.