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Autodesk Revit Plug-in - Insert Project Sources

The Autodesk Revit plugin is available as an open beta for all users, please note that when the final versions are released, they will be limited to authorized accounts, so contact support if you would like to know more about how to get the final plugin.


If you don't have the Autodesk Revit plugin installed on your computer, you can first visit this article, then return to this article afterward.

Before starting this article, we recommend that you have read this article to understand how to initiate collaborative mode in Autodesk Revit.

To add sources to a project, you must first add a point cloud. If it is not already done, visit the first article listed above.

Once inserted, navigate to the "Point Cloud Manager." In the list of point clouds, click on one of the clouds listed.


A dropdown menu will appear, offering three actions: "Remove", "Add Sources", and "Refresh". To add sources, click on "Add Sources".


A loading bar will appear, and by the end of the process, all the sources from the plateform should be added.


In case of problems or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.