Visualize your projects in VR

In this article, you will discover how to visualize your projects in VR.


Our platform allows you to visualize your projects in VR. To do this, you must have a virtual reality headset and be on the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser (version 79 minimum).

Here is a list of VR headsets tested to date:

  • HTC Vive (you have to launch SteamVR to start the headset)
  • Oculus Quest 2 (you have to enter 'computer' mode in the project)

To enter VR mode in your projects, all you have to do is click on the VR icon in the viewer settings:

If you have everything ready to use your headset, you will see a button at the bottom of your screen to enter VR mode. You can click on it to enter or exit VR mode.


Regarding movement in VR mode, it is similar for all headsets.

With 1 controller:

  • By pointing a controller in the direction you want to move, you can play with the joystick / trackpad to go forward or backward.
  • By using the trigger, you can move according to the movement of your controller

With 2 controllers:

  • By using the trigger on your 2 controllers at the same time, you can adjust the scale of the scene by bringing your controllers closer or further away from each other. You can also spin around to spin the scene with you.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.

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