The freemium subscription

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about our freemium subscription and all the perks it offers


The freemium subscription allows you to use the platform for free.


With this subscription type, you can : 

- Invite as many users as you like

- Create one and single project to try out the platform

- Upload as many files as you want into this project with unlimited size*

- Use this project for as long as you want

- Try out the platform before you buy a real subscription plan to start working on your projects


What the freemium subscription doesn't allow you to do :

- Have more than 1 project

- Download your projects files

- Export zones from the viewer

- Work for production purposes


Some more information:

- If you don't open your project in the viewer for 30 days, it will be automatically deleted with no possibilities of getting it back, yet, you will still be able to create a new project afterward and put the same files into it to recreate it.

! Important ! As soon as your subscription gets from standard or advanced to freemium, the 30 days countdown before all projects are deleted will start. So if you wish to keep your data, you must act fast. ! Important !


If you have any problem or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.



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