Assign a rank to a user

In this article, you will learn how to assign a rank to a user.


First of all, know that you have 4 ranks in addition to the rank of leader automatically assigned to the creator of the group.

The other grades are as follows:

- Member: He only sees the projects to which he is assigned, he cannot create projects.

- Project manager: He is a simple member except he can create projects, he will be automtically granted the project's manager role on the projects he created (and only these ones).

- Manager: He is a global project manager, meaning he has the same abilities as the Project manager but he will be granted the project's manager role on every project he is invited on. He can also grant the project manager / member grade to other users within the company and see the company's information and data.

- Administrator: He can see every project of the group, manage all of them, invite new members, manage other members grade, see the company's information and data.

- Leader: This role cannot be given, it is automatically attributed to the group's creator, he can do the same things as the Administrator except he is the only one who can change the group's subscription and credit card, he is also the only one who can see and download the bills. He is the only one who does not have the ability to create a new group as he is already the leader of his own group.


First, you'll want to get the "Global permissions " page located under the "Company" menu in the left bar as shown in the image.


On this page you can see all the users of your company,

just click on a user in the rank you want to assign them to toggle them to the right side, their name will turn yellow, this is a way for you to know who has just been moved in case you want to cancel the action.

Note that this action can work both ways if you want to remove a rank from a user, just click on him in the right side, he will be sent to the left side and he will become a simple member. Then click on validate and all users switched from one side to the other will be assigned their new roles.

Also note that giving a user a rank will always remove the old one, as a user can only have one company rank.


In case of any problem or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the platform's team.

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