Add 360 ° images

How to add 360 ° images

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There are 5 types of 360 ° images on the platform:

  • Viametris
  • BLK2GO
  • Navvis
  • Pegasus
  • RealWorks / Stage

To add 360 ° images in your projects, it is necessary to download a ZIP file on the platform containing the images and:

  • for Viametris, the XYZ file
  • for BLK2GO, the XML file
  • for Navvis, the CSV file
  • for Pegasus, the "External Orientation.csv" file
  • for RealWorks / Scene, a txt file named source.txt, containing the original software of the images ( for example as shown in the image: "source = scene", if the images were exported from Scene)

This ZIP file should be placed in the resource drop zone. Then it will be necessary to validate the parameter of the 360 ° image by selecting the right type and the right source so that the process can integrate it correctly.



Processing time may take a few minutes and bubbles will be present in the viewer.

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