Add 360° images

How to add 360° images


There are 5 types of 360° images on the platform:

  • Viametris
  • BLK2GO
  • Navvis
  • Pegasus
  • RealWorks / Scene

To add 360° images to your projects, you must upload a ZIP file to the platform containing the images and:

  • for Viametris, the XYZ file
  • for BLK2GO, the XML file
  • for Navvis, the CSV file
  • for Pegasus, the "External Orientation.csv" file
  • for RealWorks/Scene, a txt file named source.txt, containing the source software of the images ( for example as shown in the image: "source=scene", if the images were exported from Scene)


Scene Example :


Viametris example :


This ZIP file should be placed in the resource drop zone. Then it will be necessary to validate the parameter of the 360° image by selecting the right type and the right source so that the process can integrate it correctly. Please note, if you add 360 images to an e57 file, it must be structured with the status active (visible on the viewer) and you must have kept the e57 file during the upload.


Processing time may take a few minutes and bubbles will be present in the viewer.

In case of problem or difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the platform team.

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